What headset does Ninja use? (with Complete Headsets Review)

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What headset does Ninja use
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Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja, is a Youtuber, professional gamer and a Twitch streamer. He is the most followed twitch streamer with more than 14 million followers on his twitch channel.

Ninja started from being a professional Halo player, then moved to H1Z1, PUBG and currently play, Fortnite. He has over 22 million subscribers on Youtube as of September 2019.

You can watch his videos at Twitch.tv.

Gaming Genres like Fortnite and PUBG require a sensitive hearing to have a mesmerizing experience to gamers. The audio performance should be crystal clear if you want to hear the steps of your opponents or the sound of changing the guns. 

And, you can have that experience with Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro – 250 ohms.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro – 250 ohms

Beyerdynamic is a German-based manufacturing company famous for its audio products. DT 900 Pro headsets are designed mainly for professionals use, and you’ll get a black and gray color combination in the design.

Beyerdynamic uses the soft pads, which makes it very comfortable to wear. These headsets are also lightweight, which allows you to use them for a longer period. You can wear them for hours, and your ears will not get sweaty even during the hot days.

The ear cups are oval and have a silver velour padding. The headband up top has faux leather that can be replaced by just snapping it off if it gets worn over time. 

Type of cable is coiled which can stretch up to 3 m. It’s a non-detachable cable which I don’t like personally. The cable is attached to one side of the headset, which makes it flexible, allows you to move around while enjoying the music.

It’s got a regular aux jack whichallow you to plug it directly into your sound card and it comes with a quarter-inch adapter to plug it into an amp. 

DT 990 Pro has an open-back design, and they sound much airier and natural compared to the closed-back design.

However, the sound leaks to some extent due to the open back design of the headphones. As a result, open-back design of these headsets reduces distortion and produce a wider soundstage, and also deliver a more transparent sound. 

But don’t use these headsets at your workplace or in a room full of other people at high volumes.

Sound Quality

There’s a portion of aggressiveness in both the bass and treble on these headsets. The bass in the lower region is weaker compared to other headsets.

Fortunately, mids are amazing, rhythmic, and meticulous. Now, it all depends on the bass whether you want it more or an average one.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro - 250 ohms

These headsets have a frequency response of 5 to 35,000 kHz, which I loved the most as there are not a lot of headsets in the market with that sort of frequency range.

But, you need an extra amplifier to drive these headsets being 250 ohms. You can use them without the amp also but if you need high volumes, and the detailed sound then you have to consider an amp.


DT990 Pro headsets are not designed to be portable. They don’t have swiveling earcups that lay flat, and also they’re large over-the-ear headsets which will not be able to fit in a small bag.

Beyerdynamic provides a two years manufacturer’s warranty which does not cover the physical damages.

Good news, folks! Every part of the DT990 Pro is replaceable.


  • 45 mm dynamic drivers
  • Open-back design
  • 96 dB sound pressure level
  • 5 – 35,000 Hz frequency response 
  • 250 ohms impedance
  • 250 g in weight (without cable)
  • 100 MW max input power: 
  • 3 m cable (coiled) length
  • 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo jack plug
  • Single-sided cable


  • Great build quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Great detain mids and highs


  • No microphone
  • Non-detachable cable

Author’s Experience

When I play games with Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro – 250 ohms, I can hear the clips and drop, even the sound of enemies’ reloading on the other side of the wall. I’ve used them for countless games and loved the experience.

After using it, I can see why Ninja uses them exclusively on his twitch channel.

And, if you’re editing or streaming your videos, it fine-tunes the audio. They’ve got the detail and clarity at the expense of under $200.

Conclusion – What headset does Ninja use

Overall, the lightness combined with a comfortable headband and the ear cups makes for an enjoyable wearing experience.

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Got any headphones to recommend that we missed? Let me know in the comments.

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