What are Open Back Headphones and Why You Should Use Them

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If you are a fan of headphones, you may have heard of two distinct types of headphones – open back and closed back. Of them, the open back headphones are one of the most preferred ones.

They are considered to be providing excellent sound performance and provide the best musical experience without any sort of distortion. What are open back headphones and what makes them what they are? That is precisely what we will be covering today.

What Are Open Back headphones?

Technically speaking, open back headphones are ones that are designed in such a way that the air is allowed to pass through to the ear cups and the speaker element within.

This will help avoid the pressure build up within the headphones and thus the sound will not distort. In fact, you will find that the echo effects normally observed with the headphones will be almost non-existent in open back headphones.

Manufacturers around the world looking ahead to come up with headphones with the open back design. This is specifically done so as to make users able to hear the natural sound. In essence, they do not have a cover over the ear cups and can leak sound to your surroundings. 

The Advantages of using Open back headphones

Most of the music lovers swear by the open back headphones. That has a lot to do with the fact that they tend to provide you with the clear and natural sound.

That apart, a few other reasons why they are one of the most preferred options would include 

#1 Breathability

Yes, they let the air pass through them and do not create a pressure build. That would leave them breathable. There won’t be a build up of moisture as well. In short, the open back headphones tend to give enough room for your ears to breathe.

The heat build up is almost nil with the open back headphones and thus you would be able to wear them for longer durations. The comfortability associated with the breathable design would make them an exceptional in hotter climates and regions.

#2 Involvement of the Surroundings

The open back headphones involve the environment around. That would mean you can listen to every sound around you while you are listening to your favourite music. In fact, this would be akin to listening to music on a loudspeaker, where you would stay alert to the happenings around you. 

If you are a musician, you would definitely prefer opting for the open back headphones. They will provide you with access to a more realistic sound.

#3 An experience of Live Music

The open nature of the headphones will help you listen to your music as if you are listening to live music. Unlike the music playing in your head with the closed back headphones, you would have a kind of feeling wherein you would feel that the musicians are sitting around you and you are in a live concert.

The open back headphones, in a way, provide you with the realistic musical experience. Since the people around you can listen to what you are listening to, that can make them participating as well.

#4 No Noise isolation

Lack of noise isolation is one of the excellent features that you would like if you are accustomed to the live music and the simplicity associated with it. You would be alert to the surroundings around you and participate instead of being aloof in a group.

In fact, the music will not distract you from your surroundings but would become a part of the things around you. Listening to your music while being connected to the world around is an experience in itself.

#5 Best Suited for Music Mixing

If you are into music mixing or a technician involved in music, you would definitely find the experience endearing. The natural sound experience through the open back headphones will help you understand the music better. 

The open back headphones should also help you understand the notes and how well do they go with the instruments used. In essence, if you are a musician yourself – the open back headphones would be the best you can go with. 

#6 An Enhanced Listening Experience

The open back headphones tend to offer you a more pronounced and in-depth music. The sound you hear would be more significant and you would be able to listen to the more explicit notes. 

The open back headphones would promote the natural sound. A natural sound is always beneficial as it would help you stay in touch with the world around you. 

Why Are The Open back headphones Preferred?

The accuracy of the sound created is one of the factors that would make it a great choice in its own right. Avid game fans, musicians, sound engineers and a host of other professional people consider the open back headphones as one of the best you can go with. They help them understand the notes in a better and clear manner.

Sound engineers consider it a great option for an accurate mixing and mastering of music. They can help you – as a musician – a better sound stage and access too transparency when it comes to the sound. 

In essence, the open back headphones should be the best for the following situations –

  • Situations where critical listening is required. 
  • Listening to your music at home
  • Listening to high-quality audio.

Since they do not come with noise isolation functionality, they may not be good options if you are planning to listen to your music in the office, on flights or while travelling.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, that was all we have about the open back headphones and the benefits that they offer you. We assume we have answered all your queries with respect to the open back headphones. If you still have any queries left, do share them with us through the comments here below. We will make an attempt at addressing them or guide you to the relevant resources wherein you can get them resolved. 

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