How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

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How to Wear Headphones with Glasses
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Headphones have become our constant partners. But, what if you wear glasses and looking to find a way to wear headphones as well?

Most of us struggle to find a way to achieve the right option to wear headphones along with the glasses. We thought of helping you out with a few tips on how to wear headphones with glasses.

How to Wear Headphones with Glasses?

That is a huge concern for those who wear glasses regularly. Of course, you may be a fan of headphones and cannot live with them. Or maybe your profession makes it mandatory for you to wear headphones most of the times. 

Whatever be the case, wearing your headphones for prolonged periods of time can introduce discomfort. The glasses can begin digging into the sides of your head and within no time, the issue can get excruciating.

The only options left in those circumstances would be to go with the in ear headphones options and ditch the traditional and sophisticated options of headphones. 

However, there are a few options you can check out in case they work for you. Let us check them out right away.

Opt for headphones with Replaceable Earpads

Many of the headphones we use come with faux leather. These may be soft to touch and look, but when you begin using them, they tend to press against your ear and thus can cause uncomfortable conditions. 

You can use headphones with replaceable ear pads. Go with the headphones that are softer on your ears and check if that would solve your issues. The replaceable earpads should be quite cheaper under ideal conditions. 

Make the Right Choice between the Types of Ear Cups

Getting headphones specifically designed for the people with glasses may not be easy, may not be possible most of the time. However, there can be a few options that may help you out in minimising the issues you may be facing with your headphones and the glasses you wear. 

The prime factor you need to consider when opting for a headphone is to check for the right kind of ear cup. The On ear headphones sit only on the ear, while the Over the Ear headphones tend to surround your ears completely.

If you are opting for the on ear headphones, you may end up feeling more of a discomfort. They tend to press your ear against your temple, and thus they tend to induce more pain.

That would make it a good option to go with the over the ear headphones if you are wearing glasses. These do not press against your ears and thus should not cause you much pain.

In addition to the comfort, you would feel in terms of no pain, you should also be able to find noise cancelling features as well on your headphones. Over the ear headphones tend to offer better noise cancellation functionalities compared to the on ear headphones. 

A few More Suggestions to Help You

Apart from the options we indicated in the above steps, opting for a couple of options like the ones mentioned here below can be quite helpful in reducing your issues with lack of comfortability with glasses. 

1. Earloop

They are also referred to as ear hooks. They are many inexpensive options and can help you get back to your work without having those uncomfortable moments. You can clamp them around the ear and work to your heart’s content.

These ear hooks are generally designed for mobile telephony. These may not be suitable for gaming or any other sophisticated production functionality. They should not interfere with your glasses or their functioning in any way. They are quite easy to wear. 

2. Neckband

Opting for neck bar design should help you support your headphones from the back of your neck. This can be one of the best options for the users with eyeglasses. These headphones do not exert any sort of pressure on the sides of your head. 

3. In ear Headphones

This is can be the last resort if nothing works for you. In fact, the in ear headphones tend to offer the least interference when it comes to your wearing glasses.

The ear bud is put straight into your ears and would not interfere with your head or rather the sides of it, and thus you can use them comfortably with your glasses. 

However, they do not offer you the optimum experience with the audio that you would experience with the conventional headphones. The performance in terms of surround sound and a good stereo effect may not be felt with the in ear headphones.

If you are a gamer or someone involved with the hardcore music, you may need to settle for the below par experience if you opt for the in ear headphones. 

A few Options for Those Who wear glasses 

You can opt for a few good options for renowned manufacturers for the optimum experience of music (and or gaming). Some worthy mentions can be


Their headphones come with large, well-padded ear pad and ear cups. They tend to encircle your ears completely and offer the least resistance to the glasses. The PC 363 D and PC 350 SE can be a few good examples from Sennheiser. 


Asus has been one of the prominent manufacturers and offers you a good experience with their ROG range of accessories. If you wear glasses, you can check out the Vulcan Pro from Asus for a better experience without any discomfort. 


Logitech is yet another player in the realm of high end gaming headsets and offers you a formidable range of devices with support for those who wear glasses. The G35 and G930 are a couple of options one can give a try to from among the options available from Logitech.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, after going through the discussion above, it should be clear that there are a few options that glass wearers can opt for a better comfort of wearing headphones.

Check out the larger headphones that cover your ears completely and we assume that would be the right way to achieve a maximum degree of comfortability.

Check out the options available to you and share which ones worked through the comments here below. 

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