How to Use Headphones with Your Xbox One

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How to Use Headphones with Your Xbox One
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Are you wondering whether you would be able to connect your headphones to your Xbox One? Well, indeed. You should be able to connect your own headphones to your Xbox One without any issues.

In fact, people around you may have suggesting you buy the headphones exclusively available for your Xbox One.

However, our experience shows that there isn’t any need for opting for specific headphones that are expensive enough for your gaming experience.

Click here to watch a video on how to use headphones with your XBox One or continue with the guide…

How to use Headphones with Your Xbox One?

Does Xbox One come with a Bluetooth connectivity option? In case it does, how to use the functionality on your device?

In fact, we were wondering as you would be at the moment and set out to understand the connectivity options on Xbox One and the options available for connecting headphones and headsets.

And believe us – we found that there is no need to invest in an expensive headphone for extracting the best audio experience while you engage in that gaming journey through your Xbox One. Especially when you already possess a good set of expensive Bluetooth headset or headphones already.

With that knowledge, let us now explore the Bluetooth connectivity options available on your Xbox One and learn how to connect your Xbox One with your Bluetooth headphones.

Using Headphones with Bluetooth connectivity on Xbox One would be a little complicated as it comes with a rather complex functionality when it comes to Bluetooth connections.

Does Xbox One Come with Bluetooth?

Well, no. Strange as it may seem in today’s era of wireless connectivity, but for reasons best known to Microsoft, you do not have Bluetooth connectivity options on your Xbox One and would not be able to use Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox One. Period!

In fact, wired headphones have become kind of obsolete. A few manufacturers have been removing the functionality altogether. Apple can be one of the excellent examples in that direction.

Thankfully, Xbox still opts for the trusted 3.5 mm audio jack for connectivity option. Even then, the lack of Bluetooth connectivity remains an unexplained feature and only Microsoft knows the exact reason why it was done away with.

Not only Xbox One, but recently Nintendo too skipped the feature. That would make it practically impossible to make use of Bluetooth headphones on your Xbox One.

Some reviewers claim that Microsoft offers Bluetooth connectivity on the Xbox One, but it employs a rather complex functionality.

However, the official documentation from Microsoft clearly mentions that there is no option for using Bluetooth headsets on your Microsoft Xbox One. Until Microsoft is able to introduce the Bluetooth connectivity functionality in their device, you would only need to be content with the workarounds available for the Bluetooth connectivity.

How Would You Connect Bluetooth Headphones then?

Well, you would need to agree to what Microsoft has offered you, and play by their rules. In case, you are impatient and want to make use of your Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One, you can employ a few workarounds. Of course, the gaming enthusiasts have been able to work with their Bluetooth headphones connected to Xbox One and getting a decent experience of their gaming or party chat.

Here are the options that you may like to explore. Please note that these are just workarounds and may not function to provide the perfect performance or experience that you would want to experience on your Microsoft Xbox One.

1. Get Yourself a compatible headset

Well, this may not be a perfect option for you if you already own a pair of good Bluetooth headphones. Well and good if they are compatible with your Xbox One. But, if they do not, you would need to invest in a good option for the best compatible Xbox Headset and headset adapter.

Buy an affordable Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Your headset will plug into the adapter and offer you an excellent connectivity with your Xbox. You should be able to plug in your headset into the AUX port on your Xbox One Controller.

2. Get Yourself a Headset Adapter

There are several headsets available on in the market that promise to provide Bluetooth connectivity option for your Microsoft Xbox One. These headset adapters come with a USB receiver. The USB receiver would be plugged into your Xbox One device and will offer you a wireless connectivity option for your Bluetooth headsets.

3. Use a SPDIF Output

You can check out a few options for the SPDIF to Bluetooth transmitter. You may connect them to the SPDIF port on the back of your Xbox One.

You can get a few SPDIF to Bluetooth converters for your Xbox One. Please note the SPDIF port may support only PCM or LPCM audio output and may not support other formats available on your media. You may also need to configure your SPDIF port to provide only PCM or LPCM format by checking out the settings through your Xbox One.

4. Use Your TV to connect to Your Xbox One Wirelessly?

Does your TV come with Kinect or support Bluetooth? In that case, you would be able to connect to your Xbox One through your TV.

Plug in your Xbox One to your TV or home stereo system through HDMI or other connectivity options available. You will need to configure Kinect settings on your Xbox. This can work better if you have the Kinect functionality available on your TV or stereo system.

This workaround to has its own issues. The Kinect system has a considerably shorter range. That would make it difficult to get the better output if you sit too far from the TV so that your Bluetooth headsets can pick up the signals.

Before We Leave You…

Well, we really do not understand exactly why Microsoft left off the option for Bluetooth connectivity on your Xbox One. The lack is indeed a handicap for the gaming enthusiasts.

Of course, there are several options you can try out, but most of them tend to be below par experience compared to the other alternatives you may have with the likes of competitors like Sony PlayStation.

But, there isn’t anything you would be able to do other than the options we have indicated above. Until Microsoft thinks of the importance of the wireless connectivity and the ease of use thereof, we would have no other alternative than going with the workarounds and other alternative options outlined above.

The alternative options and workarounds as indicated above would not indeed offer you the kind of quality connectivity options that are possible with a dedicated Bluetooth connectivity. We would just hope to find the connectivity option being available quite soon and Microsoft understands the demand for the Bluetooth connectivity.

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