How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones in Windows 7

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Michael Gray

Michael Gray

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Bluetooth is the best thing that has ever happened to us humans. It is the staple technology that has survived several years. Okay, what if you have a Bluetooth headphone and finding a way to connect it to your Windows 7 computer? Well. We will help you out in the venture. 

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones in Windows 7?

Well, most of the times, we tend to connect our headphones to smartphones. Many of our smartphones provide you with the easiest means of connecting and pairing with your headphone.

When it comes to Windows 7, it may not be that easy. The options for connecting your phone tend to be a little less visible, and if you are not tech savvy enough, you may end up facing several issues finding the right way to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 7 computer.

There are a few cases where the connectivity seems to have been established, but it does not work at times. Basically, there are two ways you can use to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 7 computer. 

Method 1 – Use the Default Option to Connect your Bluetooth Headphone

It involves a few simple steps that would help you connect your Bluetooth headphones with your Windows 7. Follow the steps carefully. 

  • Access the Start menu search option and type in devicepairingwizard. 
  • Click on the right choice from the search results. 
  • Ensure that your Bluetooth headphone is discoverable. The exact option to do this would be dependent upon your headphone model and manufacturer. Ideally, pairing mode or discoverability can be achieved by pressing the designated button. Consult your headphone manual for the details. 
  • The wizard will begin searching for your devices. 
  • Click on the device when it is detected. 
  • Click on Next

This will begin the pairing procedure for your Bluetooth headphone. Ideally, it can take a little time if the headphone is being connected for the first time on your Windows 7 PC. Windows 7 will find the drivers and install them for a proper workability.

Under ideal conditions, your Windows 7 will install the default drivers for the peripheral Bluetooth device. If you want the official or specific drivers, you can download the drivers from the official sources and install them. 

If you are unsure of the exact drivers for your headphones, it would be a good idea to opt for the default drivers itself. That should complete the entire process of pairing your Bluetooth headphone to your Windows 7 computer. In fact, your Windows 7 operating system will let you know through a confirmation message. 

Though we have compiled the above tutorial for the Windows 7 users, the steps and tips should be almost similar to your Windows 10 operating system as well.

Method 2 – Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity

Follow the steps here below – 

  • Click on Start menu
  • From among the program options, locate and click on Devices and Printers
  • Right click on the device you are trying to connect. 
  • Locate and click on Troubleshoot option.

Follow the on screen instructions. In most of the cases, the outdated driver is found to be the major culprit. The pop-ups will appear depending upon the exact issues your Bluetooth headphones are facing.

If there are any other issues affecting your connectivity of Bluetooth headphones with your Windows 7 computer, the troubleshooter should provide you with the suitable fixes. Apply the fixes that the Windows trouble-shooter suggests you.

These fixes should ideally address your concern and let you connect your Bluetooth headphones with the Windows 7 computer or laptop easily. One of the common issues, however, could be that your drivers are not updated.

Method 3 – Pair Your Headphones through Start menu

This should be the basic method to help you connect your headphones easily with your Windows 7 computer. Follow the steps as outlined here below. 

  • Ensure your computer comes with a handsfree or headphone Bluetooth profile. A few older devices do not support it. If that is the case with your computer, you may not be able to connect or pair your Bluetooth headphones to your computer. 
  • Make sure your headphone is in the Pairing mode
  • On your computer, click on Start menu followed by Devices and printers. 
  • You may also find the option for devices and printers through the Control Panel.
  • Next, click on Add a device
  • The Add Device dialogue box should now open and begin searching for your device.
  • When your headphone appears in the list, click on it and then click on Next.
  • Windows should now connect to your headphone. 
  • If you are prompted for a passkey, enter 0000. Click on Next
  • Click on Close. 

That should do it. You have successfully connected your Bluetooth headphone to your Windows 7 computer. If needed, right click on your headphone and click on Connect. 

In case your headphone is successfully connected, but you cannot hear any sound, consider turning your headphones off and then back on.

Make sure that you have chosen your Bluetooth headphones as the default playback device under your device manager. You may also configure it through the settings of the application that you would want to use the Bluetooth headphones with. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few easy methods you should be able to use if you are looking to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 7 computer.

Please note that – and we have been repeatedly stating this – the major issue that may affect your Bluetooth headphones failing too connect to your Windows 7 computer can be the outdated drivers.

It would be advisable to enable automatic driver update functionality on your computer or look for the correct drivers through the manufacturer website. Keeping your drivers updated should be the prime solution for most of the issues one would face with the peripheral devices and their connectivity.

Have you been facing any issues with the task of connecting your Bluetooth headphones with your Windows 7 device? We assume the fixes that we mentioned above should help you achieve the right kind of connectivity. If you are aware of any other connectivity options, do share your thoughts and inputs with us through the comments section here below. 

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