How to Make Headphones Not Hurt Your Ears

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Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Michael has been writing about consumer technology for over a decade. He usually writes about headphones & other gadgets.
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Headphones make your music listening to an out of the world experience. But, still – they have an inherent issue. Some of them hurt.

Are you suffering the same issue? Do your headphones hurt while you enjoy your share of music? Well, in that case, we might be of some help to you. Let us check how can you make wearing your headphones a pleasurable experience. 

How to Make Headphones Not Hurt Your Ears?

There is nothing like one size will fit all. And that could be the prime reason why your headphones hurt your ears. So, the issue could be anywhere. Your headphones and their design itself. Or even the method you wear them. Analysing the right reason for why they hurt should be your first step towards solving the issue.

Inspect Your headphones

Take them out and inspect carefully where does the pain come from. Maybe the band accompanying the headphone is digging too much into your head. Or the grip may be too tight. Clamping the headphones too tight around your ears may be a little issue. Once you identify the major reason abut why your headphones are hurting, the solution may not be much difficult to find. 

The Earpads

Check if the earpads are the culprit. In most of the cases, they are the main reasons for the issue you may be facing. A host of headphones come with the plasticky ear pads. In many cases, they tend to be made from fake leather. 

The best solution would be to go with the softer and breathable ear pads. Many headphones let you replace the built in pads with the third party options. They are quite inexpensive. If your headphone supports removable or replaceable ear pads, opt for the softer ones that would help you do away the pain associated. 

However, though they may be comforting, they can bring up an issue. Breathable earpads would mean they would let in more air inside. That can reduce the noise isolation functionality of your headphones. Even the bass may suffer a little. 

The Band

This is yet another culprit and can be one of the reasons why your headphones hurt. Expensive headphones tend to have enough of memory foam to cover the band. However, there are few headphones that tend to use hard thin plastic.

In case your headphone band seems to be pressing on your skull, you may need to consider adding a little cushioning t help you relieve the impact. There are a few inexpensive options available, but they may look out of fashion. You can opt for a slightly expensive option like  Geekria pleather snap-on cushion. These are found to fit on almost all headbands and look good enough. 

If nothing works, you can check out the options to create your own headphone band – the one that is much comfortable for you. 

For those With Glasses

If you are someone who wears glasses, you would find the pain quite excruciating. In fact, the headphones will make your glasses dig into your head from the sides and it can be really much difficult. 

A large pair of headphones has this issue in many cases. They can put a lot of pressure on your temple and ruin your music experience to a considerable extent. You can opt for a few alternative options like opting for headphones specifically designed for those with glasses. Sennheiser, Logitech and Asus do have a few good options that can be helpful. You can go with the above suggestions of replacing your ear pads with some softer ones so that they would not burrow into your temple.  If not, you have left nothing more than opting for in ear headphones. Another good option if you are wearing glasses would be to opt for the over the ear headphones instead of on ear options.

The Clamps

Too tight a clamping is one of the huge contributors to the pain you may experience in your ears while using your headphones for prolonged periods of time. You may want to them stretch them out!

Yes, childish as it may seem, but slightly stretching them out can help you get relief from the tighter clamp hurting your ears. How about using a home made stretching mechanism. Collect a couple of books so that the total width is around that o your head, or slightly wider. Stick your headphones to this homemade stretcher whenever you take them off your head. If you continue doing this for a while, you should start feeling good with the pressure of clamping. In fact, this method will stretch them equally on either side rather than you pulling and breaking it. Slow and steady – you can make them work for you in a gradual manner. 

The Drivers

In some exceptional cases where everything is right, but the drivers may be pushing into your ears. This is the common case with those whose ears tend to stick out. 

Deepening the ear cups can help you address this issue. However, you may need to be ready to sacrifice some of the music quality with this method. The best way to do it would be to stuff some foam and fill it under the ear cup. The increased thickness of the ear cup will ensure that the cup will have enough space to fit your ears. 

The exact effect you get would be dependent upon the type of padding you use. You can check out a few material types and settle with the one that offers you an optimum sound quality and noise isolation. 

The Parting Thoughts

Well, that was it. Those were a few tips that you can put to use and achieve the best results in relieving the pain caused by the headphones. In fact, analysing the exact cause and finding the exact component that is causing you the pain would be the right step towards providing you with the positive solution to the trouble. Once you have zeroed in on the exact component or factor of your headphone, it should be simpler to find the solution as well.

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