How to Make Headphones More Comfortable

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Michael Gray

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Headphones offer you the best options to provide us with the much-needed relief from cacophony around you. But wearing them for a continued period of time can create a few issues.

What should you do if you are looking ahead to make your headphones comfortable? Here are few inputs to help you address the concern and make your headphones more comfortable. 

How To Make Headphones More Comfortable?

You have several options that can be used for making your headphones less of a torture and more of an enjoyment. If you find your headphones more uncomfortable for one or the other reasons, you can make use the following strategies to make them a little comfortable to meet your needs. 

We will be focussing on the best options that a host of people have been using. Of course, you may apply a few tweaks as you would please. 

The Foam tips on your Headphones

Well, that is the most important aspect of the headphones that you wear. Your headphones come with different options when it comes to the multiple options with respect to the tips. 

Choose the right tip that perfectly suits your ears. In fact, you may even attempt wearing different tips for each of the ears. No need to go with the tips from the same set for both ears. Ultimately it should boil down to your comfort than anything else. 

Cushioning Play a Major Role

The type of cushioning should be the one that would exactly match your ears and your comfort level with them. Check the quality of cushion on either of your ears. 

Memory foam can be one of the best options you can work with. Ensure that you would have proper quality and amount of memory foam for both of your headphones and ear cups. You would also get you to work with a better breathability and softness for your ears for a better comfortability.

The Clamping Force

The clamping force is another feature you should pay attention to make your headphones more comfortable. The headphones should fit quite snugly on your head. Too tighter clamping can be much uncomfortable. 

However, opting for a too little clamping force can result in your headphones falling off or slipping from your ears. The right option makes your headphones comfortable should ideally start right at the time you would be buying them. Try the headphones before you actually buy them and gauge the comfortability levels.

Anything You Can Do After Buying the headphones?

What if you realised that the headphones tend to be uncomfortable after buying it? No issues, you can check out the options described herein. They should go a long way in helping you address the concern to a greater extent. 

Add Cushioning

If you find your cushioning is not perfect, you can consider adding a little foaming yourself. That should not be an issue if you are creative enough.

The headphones have enough space to let you add up a little or more additional cushioning. You can either stuff more foam wherever you can or find the options to add it through the use of Velcro to make it more comfortable enough. In some cases, adding a little foam to your headband can also make you comfortable enough to work with. 

Replace your Earpads

Are your earpads too hard and the major reasons for the uncomfortable feeling? In that case, you can even consider replacing your old earpads with a pair of new softer ones. 

The harder headphone earpads can make your ears become sore over extended use of your headphones.

However, when you change your headphones, make sure that you are choosing the right ones that would be suitable for your headphones.

Moreover, they even affect the sound quality of your headphones in some cases. Choose your replacement earpads with much care. Finding the right kind of earpads that would suit you may not be easy to find out. You need to be extra cautious before you can zero in on one of the best needs for your requirements. 

Stretch them Out

If your headphones clamp too much, they can press against your temple and make you uncomfortable to work with. Stretching them a little out may be quite comfortable enough. Some headphones tend to be so tight that you may end up clenching your jaws. 

If you are stretching your headphones manually, you would need to exercise enough care. You may end up breaking them up if you do not pay proper attention. You can check out the option of Books here. Tie up a few books and tie them together.

Ensure that the width of the books – the total of them with all books together – is equal to or slightly more than the width of your head. Whenever you are not using the headphones, make sure you keep them stretched against these books. You may also stretch them on your speakers, or even on a box. In any case, make sure that you do not stretch them too looser.  

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few tips that should be helpful enough for your needs in making your headphones more comfortable.

Of course, the music is what soothes your soul and you would definitely want the soreness due to your headphones to create issues with your listening pleasure. That is exactly why the comfort levels that your headphones provide would have an important bearing on the comfortability you would have in addition to the proper functionality and technicalities involved in your headphones. 

Opt for the techniques we have outlined here above for enhancing the comfortability of your headphones. In fact, the comfort levels that you experience would have a greater bearing on the enjoyment that you would receive from your music.

And yes, if you have any good option for enhancing the comfort levels of your headphones, share them as well with us. Your inputs can help us make the best out of our headphones and make them comfortable enough for our musical experience. 

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