How to Make Headphones Mono Windows 10

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Most of us love listening to the audio through the stereo mode. This will help you listen to different scores of music or components thereof from different channels.

However, there are times when you would want to hear the audio only through one earbud or only on one side of your headphones.

Is it possible to configure your headphones or PC to make it transmit mono audio? How to make headphones Mono on Windows 10? Let us explore the possibility and how to go about it.

How to make Headphones Mono on Windows 10

Like we stated, you would want to listen to the audio from your PC from one earbud alone for some productivity reasons or while working on something.

If you do not configure your Windows to transmit audio in Mono, you will end up losing some components of the music as the audio you receive on your earbud would not be the complete experience. 

How would you be able to make your Windows 10 PC to play mono audio through your headphones? 

Well, there is nothing you can configure it on your headphones. However, you can make it work through a few configuration changes from your Windows 10 audio settings. The compatibility was introduced with the Creators Update on Windows 10. 

There are two different ways you would be able to configure the settings. Check out how you can configure your Windows 10 PC to transmit audio in mono instead of stereo. 

Using Windows 10 Settings

Well, Windows 10 understands the need for listening to audio in mono on your PC. That is exactly why it introduced the option to change the audio settings to Mono on your Windows 10 configuration. 

However, the functionality was not available on versions prior to the creator’s Update on Windows 10, but Microsoft went through the feedback from the users and introduced the functionality keeping in view the requirements of its user base.

Here you go with the steps for enabling Mono audio through Windows 10 settings –

  • Click on the Start button and access the Windows 10 Settings
  • Click on Ease of Access group. You will find the options for configuring vision and hearing under this group. 
  • On the sidebar, locate Audio under the Hearing section. 
  • You should now find the option for Turn on Mono Audio. 
  • Click to turn it on. 

Exit settings. That does it. You have successfully configured your Windows 10 PC to transmit audio in Mono instead of stereo.

Please note that the steps here are based on the latest update to Windows 10 i.e. version 1809. If you are on any lower version, you may find that the settings are a little different. However, you would find the options for configuring the Ease of Access section itself. 

Using registry Settings

You can also configure Mono audio settings through editing the registry settings. You would need to edit the registry settings pertaining to the audio channels. 

Here are the steps –

  • Launch RUN dialog box. You can either do this by typing in RUN in the Windows 10 search bar or pressing the key combination Win+R. 
  • Type in regedit in the Run dialog box to enter registry editor 
  • Access the following tree under registry editor- 


  • On the right side, locate DWORD Value AccessibilityMonoMixState
  • Double click on this value and change it to 1. 

In the case, the value does not exist under your registry; you would need to create it and configure the value to 1. Here is how you can go about it –

  • Right click in an empty area under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Audio
  • Click on New and then on 32-bit DWord
  • Name this value to AccessibilityMonoMixState
  • Double click on this value and change the value to 1. 

That does it you have successfully configured your Windows 10 PC to transmit audio only through Mono mode.

A word of caution here – changing registry settings can be dangerous and can affect the functionality of your computer to a considerable extent. If you are not sure of what you are doing, never change the registry settings. We would expect a fare deal of knowledge with respect to computer functionality when working with registry entries. Take care of what you are doing. 

Why would you need to Enable Mono Audio on Windows PC?

Well, there can be several reasons that would need you to opt for mono audio output. If you are working on something important and want to concentrate only on one earbud, the default stereo earbud can be a little troublesome.

In addition, there are a few cases where some Windows 10 users have reported that they are not able to get proper stereo output on their headphones.

Under those circumstances, you may want to use the mono audio from your Windows 10 PC so that you can avoid the unpleasant stereo experience and enjoy the best music in Mono. 

There can be a few cases where the audio itself has issues and may not have a proper stereo mix. This can cause unpleasant experience while listening to your music or audio. Configuring your audio options to mono would be one of the best options you can go with.

Mono audio can be a pleasant experience in many cases. If you are in a meeting, you may prefer to listen to the screen information on one earbud while paying attention to what’s happening in the meeting. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, no matter what your reasons are for changing preferences to mono audio from stereo, the two methods we have indicated above should be helpful enough in addressing the concern satisfactorily.

The mono audio can be quite interesting enough and helps you get better audio experiences in several ways. 

Which methods did you find interesting and a better option for configuring mono audio on your Windows  10 PC? Share your experiences and thoughts with us.

You may also share any other options to configure mono audio on your Windows 10 device. Also, share your inputs on the benefits and the need for using mono audio in Windows 10.

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