How to Fix Apple Headphones (Complete Step-by-step Guide)

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Are you going through issues while using your Apple headphones?

The first thing that would come to your mind would be the hardware failure, but it may not always be the truth. Of course, hardware may be one of the most common issues, but it may not always be the common culprit. Before you can decide that it is the issue with your hardware, it would be a good idea to check and rule out the other possibilities. 

Click here to watch the video on how to fix your Apple headphones or continue with the guide…

How To Fix Apple Headphones?

Before you can conclude that your Apple headphones or the Apple device has failed, and schedule a visit to your Apple Service centre – check out the following fixes to rule out the minor issues with your headphone functionality. 

Fix 1 – Try Out Other Headphones

This can be the best and first option to check if your Apple headphone jack has actually failed. It could well be the issue with your headphones. In case, it is just the headphones, it may be a cheaper option to replace your headphones than opting for a more expensive and complicated headphone jack repair. 

Get another set of headphones compatible with your Apple device and check if they work with your phone. Perform all the tasks you would be doing with your headphones – listening to music, making a few calls and using it with Siri. If everything works just the way it is intended to – the fault lies with our headphones, not the jack. A huge relief, isn’t it? 

Fix 2 – Clean Up Headphone Jack

You tend to keep your Apple device in your pocket where it is more susceptible to collection of dust and dirt. Even the lint from the fabric can get inside the jack and make the headphone not function properly. 

Look into the headphone jack on your phone. Shining some sort of light inside the jack can help you find the lint if any. If you find something, blow into it or else use compressed air. Compressed air can be a good option as it will have no moisture in it. 

Another option would be to use a cotton swab with a little alcohol. Take care you are using a swab such that it will get stuck inside the jack. 

Fix 3 – Is your Phone stuck on Headphone Mode?

This is one of the most common issues to hit most of the Apple users. Possibly, for some reason – your phone cannot differentiate between a normal mode and headphone mode.

The most common culprit in this situation may be a software glitch in your phone. Another reason that can bring up this issue can be using your phone with some other headphones that are not compatible with your iPhone. 

You can check if your headphone has collected dirt or the chips from a substandard headphone and the phone considers that the headphones are still inside.

It can be solved with the first fix we outlined above. There is yet another excellent tip that has been reported to be working by a host of Apple users. Use a regular earbud and insert it into the headphone jack and remove. Repeating this procedure for a few times has been found to address the issue. 

It can be solved with the first fix we outlined above. There is yet another excellent tip that has been reported to be working by a host of Apple users. Use a regular earbud and insert it into the headphone jack and remove. Repeating this procedure for a few times has been found to address the issue. 

Fix 4 – Sound is available only from one Side

This has been one of the issues you may come across while using your headphones, but the issue affects when you are using third-party headphones. It can be a result of the accumulation of considerable dirt inside your headphone jack. 

Opt for a clean out procedure for your headphones and headphone jack. The contact points on your headphones are not connecting properly with your headphone jack and that is exactly what would cause this issue. 

In case, the issue is caused by a software glitch, you may follow a few options here below. 

  • Go to Settings app on your Apple device.
  • Locate General and then Accessibility
  • Scroll to Phone Noise Cancellation
  • You should find the slider under this section and you should ensure that the slider is set to the middle. 

Check if it resolves the issue in your case. Your issue should definitely be solved. 

Another option should be to restart your Apple device. 

Fix 5 – App Sound Settings may Be Switched off

You are not getting the sound on your headphones even when the headphones volume options are set to the fullest? Maybe your app settings for the sound may not be switched on. 

You may be aware of the fact that each of the apps you use on your Apple device come with their own settings for music and sound. In fact, some games come with individual settings for each of the game sounds.

There may be different settings for overall volume, music, sound effects, and ambient audio. Once you are inside your app or game, look for the settings for the sound settings within the app. If there are any customised mute options, make sure you have turned them off. Turn the volume sliders for each of the audio functions you would want to activate. 

Fix 6 – Reset All Your Settings

If none of the fixes you tried did work and you are still facing issues with your headphones, the ultimate solution can be checking out the hardware issues. Only an authorised service centre can address this issue. 

However, you can give it one last try to solve the issues. Resetting the entire settings on your Apple device to default can address the concern in many cases.

You would find the option for resetting your settings under the Settings -> General. Exercising this option will reset all your settings for sound, display and network. You may need to enter your passcode if prompted. Wait till your phone is reset and restarts. 

What if Your headphone Jack Is Broken?

If none of those solutions works in your case, it could definitely be an issue with your hardware. Most common reasons could be – yes, you are right – the most dreaded broken headphone jack. What should you do in such a scenario? 

Well, no options left. You need to repair the headphone jack. Well, it should be easier enough if you are tech savvy enough. But wait, we would not recommend it.

Your Apple headphone is a delicate and complex device, and it may not be an easy task to repair it yourself. Moreover, in case your Apple device is still under warranty, repairing it yourself may void your warranty. 

Take it to your nearest Apple service centre and get it repaired. But before that, ensure that your Apple device is covered under warranty and that would help you ascertain whether the headphone jack repair is covered under warranty. Visit the nearest authorised service centre and opt for the appropriate repairs. 

Well, those were a few tips that you can employ for an effective functionality in terms of addressing the headphone issues you may have on your Apple device.

If these tips helped you in addressing the concerns you may have with respect to your headphones with the iPhone or any other iOS device, do share your experiences with us so that your inputs will help our readers address the similar issues they may be suffering from. 

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