How to Clean Beats Headphones

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Michael Gray

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If you are using Beast headphones, you may be given to understand that they do not need any attention in terms of cleaning.

They have been considered to be one of the best options and possibly you would find them being impossible to get dirty.

However, even when they are capable of resisting dust, you may end up a little dust accumulated inside the headphones. Here are a few tips you can use to clean your beats headphones. 

While we have focussed on Beats headphones while discussing the cleaning of headphones and ear tips, the methods indicated here should be applicable to almost any of the headphones across any manufacturer. 

How to Clean Beats Headphones?

Well, there are a few options you can use clean your Beats headphones. The exact materials you use would depend upon the accumulation of the dust in your headphones. Employ the right method for the key factors.

If They Are not Very Dirty

You can use just a soft cloth to clean the headphones if you find not much visible dirt on it. Before you retire for the day, use a clean microfiber cloth and give it a good wipe.  Ensure that you are cleaning an entire area including the essential components. 

Pay special attention to the areas that are susceptible to the sweat accumulation. Clean the ear cups and ear pads, padding and band thoroughly to get rid of any dust.

If there are any oily smudges, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean them up. Never apply any kind of pressure or force while cleaning up the smudges. You may end up with a damaged headphone – the components within are much delicate and may fail to work either because of a rough handling or water seeping into the headphones or its components. 

If the Dirt is Stubborn

If the dirt elements on the headphones tend to be quite pesky enough, you may need to opt for a cotton swab for cleaning it in an effective manner. Cotton swabs can be quite inexpensive and opting for one should never be a huge concern. They have been considered to be the best options to clean your Beats headphones. 

Avoid Cleaner Solutions

Do remember that the cleaner solutions should be a clear no no. In fact, in sharp contrast to the popular belief, the use of cleaner solutions can, in fact, produce counter productive results. The chemicals used in the cleaner solutions can render your Beats headphones lose their lustre. 

You heard it right, the cleaners can ruin the finish on your Beats headphones. They can cause them to become dull or even damage the colour.

Do remember that – by cleaners, we mean a host of options available in the market like solvents, aerosols and other agents that come with abrasive elements. That way you would be able to ensure that your beats headphones will remain as clean as they were on the day you brought them home.

Cleaning Up Ear tips

The ear tips on any headphones are what you should pay special attention to. You can ensure a proper cleaning up of your Beats ear tips –

  • Ensure that you have removed the ear tips from the earpieces before cleaning them
  • You can make a mixture of warm water and mild soap and use it on a damp cloth the remove the dirt and other debris from your ear tips. It should be sufficient to even clean the earwax using the combination. 
  • Never use any solvent or harsher cleaning products for cleaning the ear tips or any other part of the headphones/ headsets
  • Rinse them well before you put them back on the earpiece. 

A Few More Useful Tips 

There are several reasons why your Beats headphones can get dirty. You would need to pay attention to those areas so that you would end up cleaning them up right away.

Check out a few of these aspects while you focus on cleaning your headphones –

  • If you are someone who frequents a gym and prefer a workout music with your Beats headphones, carrying your cotton swabs and soft cloth along. Make a habit of cleaning your ear pads right after the workout. This will not only help you improve the longevity of your headphones, but will also go a long way in promoting the lack of bad odour.
  • Ensure that you keep the cleaning cloth inside your headphones case. This will ensure that you will be able to clean the ear pads on the move if they tend to get dirty. 
  • Ensure that you are storing the headphones in their case alone. Do not let them stand exposed. Exposure to the atmosphere for prolonged periods of time can make the leather deteriorate faster.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few inputs into how you would be able to clean your Beats headphones. As such, these tips and methods should be applicable to almost all other headphones or earphones.

Take a complete care of your headphones and they would provide you with an assured full service at the best of its efforts. 

Have you used the above means for cleaning your Beats headphones? If you have, do share your experiences about the effectiveness of each of these tips Your inputs should go a long way in improving the horizons of knowledge.

Meanwhile, if you are aware of any other better techniques for cleaning your Beats headphones, do share them with us as well. 

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