How Long Do Headphones Last? Things You Need to Increase Their Life

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Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Michael has been writing about consumer technology for over a decade. He usually writes about headphones & other gadgets.
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Headphones have ceased from being just the luxurious accessories as they used to be in the past.

They have become a necessity. Apart from the necessity that we just mentioned, another area that would hold importance is the fashion statement that it makes.

You are ready to spend hundreds of dollars for those luxury headphones that tend to offer you the excellent crisp and clear music.

But, how long would your headphones last? That should indeed be a million dollar question. And we are making an attempt to address this question.

How Long Do Your Headphones last? 

Well, you are not willing to part from your headphones for even a few hours. There are headphones that come in multiple formats and types. And each of these types has their own fan base.

Over the ear headphones, earbud varieties, noise cancelling headphones and wireless headphones – and those are just a few of the options you have at your disposal.

With that list of headphones and their varied functionalities, it would be evident that you would as well want to check out how long will they last. 

#1 Your Budget Decides it

Well, indeed. The saying goes something like you get what you paid for. That should hold good for your headphones as well. However, we would assume the ideal lifetime for your headphones should be around ten years. 

In fact, the quality and the make that your headphone comes with should have a greater bearing on the durability of your headphones. A little investment can help you opt for the best headphones than opting for substandard options that may not last longer than a year or so.

You have the option of checking out a pair of headphones in the mid-range budget. They would ideally give you a lifetime of say one or two years. Instead of opting for mid-range headphones, go with the ones that offer high-end performance – even if they cost a few hundred dollars more.

In fact, high-end headphones can be repaired if anything goes wrong. The cost of repairing them would be considerably lower than the cost you would need to spend on a headphone of inferior quality.

#2 Ensure You take Good Care of your headphones

Your headphones will last longer if you care for them. Of course, there will no need for repairs if you can handle them with care. There are a few actions on your part that can go a long way in promoting a good health of your headphones. 

Some good habits for prolonging the life of your headphones include 

  • Not yanking them off from your phone holding the wire
  • Not inserting or removing the headphones from the jack when the volume is turned high up on your phone.
  • Never pull off the earbuds from your ears holding the wires.

You can also take care of a proper storage of your headphones. Store them in a proper manner. Make sure you store them in in the case when not in use. Keeping them clean and taking absolute care of the earbuds would keep them in good condition for prolonged periods of time.

Take Care of the Headphones for a Prolonged Life

There are a few points you can take care of if you really want your headphones last longer. Headphones are fragile by nature and the kind of care you take of them would go a long way in letting them work towards providing you with a longer life.

#1 Take Care of the Weakest Parts

Things fail at the points where they are their weakest most. That should hold good for your headphones as well. The connections or joints are where your headphones tend to be their weakest. 

When it comes to headphones, the weakest joints tend to be in line splitters, earpieces, the buds, remotes, volume sliders and similar other points . Take care of these regions for a better functionality and longer life. Do not let your headphones dangle just like that. 

#2 Clean Your Headphones

Dust and earwax are the two compounds that can get into your headphones and damage them. This can make the sound too get affected or they can even go quietly. The in-ear headphones are more susceptible to these issues. 

You can pull off the covers and check the interiors of the headphones. Clean off the debris from the headphones. You can even wash the earpiece with mild detergent and water.

Take care not to damage the headphones or earpieces. Blowing into the earpiece can help you correct the crooked speaker.

#3. Do not Roll Over the Cord

Never let anything roll over your cord. They are delicate enough and can get damaged with the slightest pressure applied on them. Stepping on it and rolling over it can be a few issues that you need to take care of. You do not need heavy objects to damage them that way. Even getting them rolled over by your laptop should be enough to get them damaged. 

A dangling coil is another issue. They are delicate as we stated before. If they are dangling from the edge of the table or similar way, you would end up damaging the delicate internal wiring. 

#4 Don’t wind Them into Knots

This is yet another wrong doing that causes your headphones to get damaged. The internal wires are fast damaged if you tend to wind them up into knots. Of course, there are several videos that suggest winding them up but believe us, they better be ignored. That would be a little more important to take care not to wrap. 

Of course, you should never knot them down. If you have to, make sure the wrap is loose enough. Experts suggest knotting them up in a specific manner. For earphones, wrapping them around toilet papers can be a good option. In case of headphones, you can go with the roadie wrap method. You can find the how to do those knots. In any case, we do not recommend any knots unless it is absolutely necessary.

# 5 Never Forget The case

It is quite common to forget the headphone case when you are travelling. Tossing up the headphones into purses, wallets or even in the dashboards without properly wrapping them up can be a huge issue that would affect the longevity of your headphones to a considerable extent. 

Use your case whenever possible. Leaving the headphones plugged into the phone can also be an issue. This can damage the connection point in many cases. If your headphone has L shaped jack, the issue can be mitigated to some extent. 

#6 Prevent Water Damage

If you know your headphones well, you know that the water and electronics do not gel well. Preventing your headphones from moisture and water is the right option for taking care of your headphones and improve its longevity. 

Your headphones are susceptible to damage from sweat. If you are listening to your music on your headphones while exercising, they tend to get damaged due to sweat. Go for the headphones that are specifically designed for the sports or exercise. 

#7 Sleeping with Your Headphones

Smiling beautiful brunette relaxing on the couch and listening music in the living room; abode; adult; apartment; asleep; beautiful; brown; brunette; calm; caucasian; charming; cheerful; content; couch; day; domestic; domicile; enjoying; female; gorgeous; hair; happy; headphones; home; homey; house; household; indoors; leisure; life; lifestyle; listening; living; lounge; lying; music; napping; peaceful; pillow; pretty; relaxing; resting; room; sitting; sleeping; slumber; smiling; sofa; striped; t-shirt; woman; young

Almost all of us have this habit. We tend to fall asleep when listening to music. You would not be able to control what you do with your headphones while you are asleep. Those tossing, rolling around and flopping can damage your headphones beyond repair. 

You may even snap the cord in your sleep. Best idea to avoid this would be to skip using headphones while sleeping and switching to speakers. 

Opt for the Best High End Headphones

Well, you can make your headphones work longer and provide you with years of trouble free service. However, opting for good quality headphones can help you get a better life. However, that should not necessarily mean that the expensive headphones are durable enough.

Some headphones may not have a good deal of wiring even when they are available with a higher price tag. When buying your headphones, not only look at the price tag. The headphone you buy should come with a thicker cabling. The connections should be the areas that you need to take special care of. 

Go with those plugs that have right angles. These can be helpful in letting you take care of the plug. You can also get yourself the right angle adapters for a better durability. Applying the shrink tubing for the connectors would help you make them stay longer. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few inputs that should help you prolong the life of your headphones.

If you tend to take enough care of your headphones, they will definitely provide you with a lifetime of more than a decade. Essentially, experts believe that the headphones would ideally provide you with a lifetime of around 10 years.

However, if you take a good care of them and keep them clean enough, you can expect a lifetime of even more than that.

Avoid cranking up the volume too full. The louder sound volume produces a higher degree of vibrations.

Since the components of your headphones are delicate enough, you run the chance of damaging them. It may not happen suddenly though. Your headphone will stop producing certain frequencies which may not be instantly identifiable.

The audio quality will begin to lose out before the headphones tend to get damaged in its entirety.

Follow these steps and prolong the life of your headphone beyond the conventional lifetime. You would not need to buy a new pair. Unless of course, a better technology makes you opt for a better alternative! 

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